Japan of prewar days                
  Country in a cycle of 40 years  5.15 incidents  Crown Prince birth
 1 sen copper coin  2.26 incidents  Kamikazego to London
 War with China                     
  War starts  Movie Aizenkatsura  War protraction  
 World War II outbreak  
 Great war starts  The midst of the Europe war  Triparite Pact
 Wartime control economy  Gigantic war previous night  
 Declaration of War against the U.S. and Britain.  
 Declaration of war Victory of the beginning  Battle area expansion
 Shadow of defeat  Japan and Germany desperate defensive battle
 Italy surrender  Meeting of both camps  Allied force counterattack  
 The way of Japan and Germany to Surrender 
 Saipan Island   Japan-U.S. fierce fight   Air raid, Japan annihilation
 Iwo-jima   Battle of Okinawa   German surrender and atomic bomb
 Sadness of the defeated nation            
 Unconditional surrender  U.S. Forces stationing   Defeat processing
 Politics is blank   Black market   Demobilization, Assets forfeiture
 Death is a neighbor of life   who made it such Japan !          
 From defeat to independence   
 Gleam of hope in the dark   Independence of Asian nations
  Berlin Blockade
   Full trial to the rebirth    One time of youth
  Korean war,Grope for major  Korean war new development
  The year of San Francisco peace conference  New start     
 The mountain path of youth                                 
  Start work life  Foolish guy dismissal  Hokkaido,Tateyama
  Two premier movies  Political system realignment,Jinmu prosperity

 Mountain travel   Mt.Hodaka, Southern Japan Alps, Kagoshima
  Aim at advanced nation                               
  Iwato Boom, Prince marriage  Security treaty.Income doubling, Berin
Typhoon, Watermelon, Cuban missile crisis Kurobe dam, Fushumi
  Kennedy assassination,Tokyo Olympic  Security depression, Motorization
  Cultural Revolution, Vietnam War Izanagi Boom, Preparing for career change
  Advanced nation Japan                                  
   Campus dispute,Career change  Landing on the moon, Osaka expo
  Nixon Shock  Okinawa, Islands reconstruction, Japan China diplomacy
  SanKakuDaiFuku,Hawaii, Summit,Hokkaido Nikko,Common 1st stage exam
  Family travel
  End of the economic development         
  Japan as number one, Prime minister Oohira Thatcherism, Reaganomics
Ancester's Place, Hakone
 Sign of a bubble Economy, Okinawa
  Showa ends  Garden enjoyment, German unification
  Collapse of bubble economy                                      
  Collapse of bubble economy Emperor coronation, Soviet Union extinction
  Retirement  Book publication, Kyoto travel  Falling Japan 
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